The Servais Family Collection and The Loft present AMEXICA, an exhibition with artworks from the collection curated by Marisol Rodríguez. Featuring the work of Yoshua Okón, Gabriel de la Mora, Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba, Fritzia Irizar, Nathan Mabry, Teresa Margolles, Federico Martínez, Gabriel Orozco, Ariel Orozco, Daniela Rossell among others.

AMEXICA aims at exploring the symbolic beyond the geopolitical by way of the personal and the popular, the lived experiences of the artists, the collector and the curator in a selection of works inspired by, coming from, dealing with, and aiming at Mexico.

On view until July 2021 by appointment


Gabriel de la Mora, D.A.S., 1974 capas de pintura, 2011, acrílico sobre masonite y marco de madera con vidrio / acrylic on masonite and frame of wood with glass, díptico / diptych 40 x 35.5 x 7.9 cm /  15.74 x 13.97 x 3.11 inches, 25.4 x 20.4 x 3 cm / 10 x 8.03 x 1.18 inches, serie Originalmentefalso / Originallyfake series.

These piece come from an open-air market held on the median of Alvaro Obregon Avenue in Mexico City, where works by renowned artists are sold at accessible prices- such as the MX$500 (approx. USD$42) paid for a flaming tree by David Alfaro Siqueiros complete with  a forged certificates from the Cultural Legacy of David Alfaro Siqueiros bearing Adriana Siqueiros’s signature.

These piece continues an obsessive spiral in Gabriel de la Mora’s work – painting in layers – whereby the center of visual attention is displaced from the main surface, a white monochrome, to the edges of the canvas, which are saturated with color.  For its titles, the artist arbitrarily chose the year Siqueiros died, while the chromatic sequence of applying layers of paint hinged on a calculation process based on the palettes employed in the forgery:

120 layers of intense black #302
200 layers of carmine #319
60 layers of fall yellow #318
20 layers of carmine #319
100 layers of fall yellow #318
60 layers of titanium white #301
200 layers of rust red (intense black #302 plus carmine #319)
10 layers of titanium white #301
60 layers of intense black #302
150 layers of carmine #319
40 layers of bright orange #332
10 layers of intense black #302
70 layers of bright orange #332
110 layers of rust red (intense black #302 plus carmine #319)
30 layers of bright yellow (fall yellow #318 and titanium white #301)
209 layers of ochre #303
50 layers of carmine #319
5 layers of intense black #302
70 layers of rust red (intense black #302 and carmine #319)
20 layers of bright orange #332
5 layers of titanium white #301
90 layers of bright ochre (ochre #303 and titanium white #301)
10 layers of intense black #302
100 layers of carmine #319
94 layers of white titanium #301

5 layers of vanish to preserve the work in time