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EXPO Chicago (CHGO)

13.9.2017 – 17.9.2017 → Booth 633


Gabriel de la Mora

Helen Escobedo

Josephine Meckseper

Robert C. Morgan

Edgar Orlaineta

Fred Sandback


Eduardo Terrazas



Installation views at Proyectos Monclova Booth 633 @ EXPO CHCGO.





Gabriel de la Mora, 13.8 gramos S.T. I, 2013, acrílico desprendido / acrylic detached, 10.7 x 43 x 43 cm / 4.2 x 16.9 x 16.9 inches

Esta pieza esta compuesta por los 13.8 gramos de acrílico raspado de una pintura que hice en el año de 2002 en Nueva York, durante mi Master of Fine Arts en el Pratt Institute, en Brooklyn (2001-2003) con la siguiente ficha técnica: S.T. I, 2002, acrílico sobre tela, 50.7 x 40.6 x 2 cm, la cual fue exhibida como parte de mi Thesis Show en Julio de 2003, en Pratt.

En el 2013, 11 años después, en mi estudio de la Ciudad de México, transformé una pieza que con el paso del tiempo cada vez me gustaba menos, para transformarla en una obra que va perfecto con mi propuesta actual como artista.

This piece is composed of 13.8 grams of acrylic scraping a painting I did in the year 2002 in New York, during my Master of Fine Arts at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn (2001-2003) with the following info: ST I, 2002, acrylic on canvas, 50.7 x 40.6 x 2 cm, which was shown as part of my Thesis Show in July 2003, in Pratt.

In 2013, 11 years later, in my study of Mexico City, a piece that transformed over time whenever I liked least, to transform it into a work that goes perfect with my current proposal as an artist.

Sicardi Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in Expo Chicago. Located at Booth 605, the gallery will present an exhibition of important works by gallery masters and mid-career artists from Argentina, Venezuela, and Mexico. These include Antonio Asis, Mariano Dal Verme, León Ferrari, Pablo Siquier, and Luis Tomasello (Argentina); Thomas Glassford and Gabriel de la Mora (Mexico); and Carlos Cruz-Diez (Venezuela).

Spanning the second half of the 20th century to the present, these artists exemplify the dynamic visual approaches to form that have characterized the avant-gardes that emerged in post-war Latin America.  Each of these artists uses diverse materials to challenge conventions of representation and perception.

Considered one of the founders of the kinetic art movement, Paris-based artist Cruz-Diez’s Physichromies address the viewer’s visual experience of light and color as they exist in space, over time. Asis’s paintings of circles explore rhythm and the optical effects of pattern, in meticulous compositions. Ferrari’s elegant sculptures and works on paper prod the boundaries between the written word and conceptual art, while Tomasello’s wall pieces bridge painting and sculpture in subtle explorations of light and shadow, color and shape.

The exhibition pairs works by these masters with significant works made by a younger generation of artists: born in Texas and based in Mexico, Glassford uses a diverse range of everyday materials to create architectural or installation-scale projects, transforming found materials into images reminiscent of Minimalist sculpture and Op Art painting of the 1960s.  Trained in architecture, de la Mora creates objects that evoke a balance between concept and chance; his drawings and sculptures made of human hair are at once intricate, ethereal, and playful. Siquier’s large-scale, maze-like drawings are suggestive of architecture’s spatial dimensions, while they also evidence the delicacy of the handmade. Dal Verme’s gravity-defying graphite and paper constructions underscore a tension between architectural precision and the materials of drawing.

Seen together, works in the exhibition offer visitors to Expo Chicago a chance to experience the conceptual and visual interplay between canonical and mid-career artists from Latin America, each of whom makes important interventions into the major transnational currents of contemporary artistic practice.

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