Gabriel de la Mora & Willy Kautz / Instagram @galerieperrotin

Saturday May 16th, 2020 @ 11:00 hrs Mexico City Time / 12:00 hrs New York Time / 18:00 hrs Paris Time

Monochromatic memories


While addressing a selection the artists serial works, artist Gabriel de la Mora, and curator, Willy Kautz, this talk will focus on the problematics of contemplation during the epoch of virtual sociability. Since the pandemic, we have been facing an oversaturation of virtual  events online, which has led to a cacophony, a state of permanent distraction. ¿What happens when everyone speaks? ¿Who is listening? Taking the form of a performance based on de la Mora’s interest in repetition and difference, this talk departures from the artwork titled,13.8 ml, which consists of a series of linen canvases to be sprayed upon with liquid water. Similar to his series, Sense of Possibility/Painting Exposed, where the artist displays monochromes on the roof of his studio to be eroded overtime, the environment becomes an active agent in shaping the surface of the canvas. In this sense, monochromes become recipients of an everchanging image, and vice versa, imagen vanish or evaporate, living traces on monochromatic surfaces. ¿In times of oversaturation and distraction, what collective memory is been shaped?

During the talk artist and curator will address the necessity of contemplation in times of generalized virtualization and distraction. Monochromatic memories is a performative dialogue in which “monochromatic surfaces” will be sprayed upon with chlorine, an invitation to contemplate the latency of image as contemplative experience, a metaphor that addresses the problematic times of virtual distraction and the vanishing of collective memories.

Series that will be addressed:

Liquid Inscriptions on Fabric 2014 – on going

Sense of Possibility/Painting Exposed 2015 – on going

Sound Inscriptions on Fabric 2013 – on going